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Almost every home in North America has a network. Most home networks are WiFi. All businesses have networks ranging from small point of sale systems to large enterprise networks. Webenergy is equipped to handle any size network because we are network engineers! We can manage, and maintain existing networks, or set up a brand new networks from scratch! We set up top-notch security depending on the requirements of your network and business. Connect with us for a network consultation!

WiFi is everywhere today. There are Hotspots at almost every restaurant and coffee shop in every major city! Webenergy can set up WiFi networks, WiFi printing, WiFi Point Of Sale, or guest WiFi to customers at your business or guests in your home! WiFi security is just as important as easy access to WiFi and fast WiFi speed. Connect with us today to get your WiFi network set up, secured and working as efficiently as possible!

Mobile technology has grown at a substantial rate over the past 5 years and continues to grow! Mobile devices have become the cornerstone for personal technology from smart-watches to laptop computers. However convenient these devices are for personal use, this has become harder for business and government to secure. MDM (Mobile device Management) has become a necessity in order to protect data on smartphones and tablets. MDM allows the business to manage the data that the mobile device can access. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a common practice in many organizations. Once a BYOD device connects to the enterprise or business network, MDM takes over and pushes the network policy to the BYOD. This way, you can still have employees and guests connecting to the network and still have your network secured! Connect with us for more information on Mobile Device Management!

With the demands for productivity today, it's not an option for employees or business owners to not have access to files, software applications or email because of weather, travel or distance! VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides secured and encrypted communication to your business network from anywhere in the world. Once your VPN connection is established, it's like you're right there at your office. You can access network shared drives and run applications such as accounting programs where the database is on a shared location on your network. What if you need access to your PC at work? No problem! Use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) which allows you to login to the desktop of your PC at work. Even if you're on a public WiFi network like a hotel, a VPN is secure so you don't have to worry about your confidential information being comprimised. Connect with us today to get a VPN solution set up that meets your business needs!

Network security is often overlooked. The priority is to get connected and have access to the necessary reources, files and applications ASAP! The default "out of the box" security may not address your security needs or secure the resources you need to protect most! Ransomware viruses attacks have become more and more common and can effectively take down a business or organization easily. (Read more about ransomware here). We are experts on network and computer security. Some of our clients include police and government, so we are quite familiar with government and law enforcement security policies. Connect with us for a network audit today and get your network running efficient and secured!

We are Microsoft and Cisco certified. Don't be fooled by uncertified technicians!
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