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Windows Servers run everything from banks to government. We have been installing, maintaining and supporting Windows servers since Windows NT 4. Windows Server 2016 is due to launch within a few months, and has many new and exciting features. Webenergy technicians are experts when it comes to Windows server, and can manage existing servers, install new servers and provide consultation on the best and most secure way to use your servers. Connect with us for a server consultation!

SQL Server requires a certain level of expertise when it comes to administration, maintenance and backups. After all, your SQL server holds the database to your business entire operations! Webenergy technicians are certified DBA (Database Administrators) and can install, set up, manage and maintain your SQL server. Connect with us today for your SQL Server bsiness needs!

Exchange is the most popular email server. It synchronizes your email, calander, contacts and much more! For business or enterprise, Exchange email is a must! Microsoft Office 365 mail is Microsoft Exchange and is used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Webenergy can install, set up, configure, manage and maintain Exchange servers for your organization. We also offer our own Hosted exchange service to our customers. Connect with us today for an Exchange email solution!

Sharepoint is your document and file management solution for large enterprise networks! You can easily control the flow of content on an intranet site, search and find things quickly, and control access to files too. In the digital world more and more documents are being digitized from scanners and created in word processing software. Sharepoint comes in and manages the files and access to them. Ask us about Sharepoint solutions for your business!

We are Microsoft and Cisco certified. Don't be fooled by uncertified technicians!
Most businesses need a server for their business. Whether it's just to share files with others on your network, or more complex tasks such as hosting a SQL server database for an enterprise application, servers have become much more common in small to medium sized businesses. Servers are the heart of your network offering all trypes of service son your network and even the internet. If you need server maintenance or a new server, Connect with us for a consultation!
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